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Give your entire team, school or workplace the gift of self-empowerment and thriving!

The Human First Lens Project is an excellent learning platform for students and professionals in all industries. It’s envisioned for use in schools, colleges, small groups, nonprofit organizations and corporate businesses of all sizes. Human First Lens Project participants receive a certificate of completion which allows teachers, employers, community members and team leaders to ensure everyone is speaking the same language when it comes to self-empowerment, thriving, accessibility, diversity and inclusion. In addition, use of the Human First Lens Project can also lead to wide ranging institutional and social outcomes, including, but not limited to:

  • Increase in all people reporting their schools, colleges, workplaces and communities are accessible, inclusive and diverse;
  • Improved civil discourse, as well as overall improvements in mental and emotional wellbeing; and
  • Increase in human-centered policies and systems at the organization, business, local, state and federal levels.

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